south sea baroque pearl necklace

HUGE AAA+ 10-11MM South Sea Black Baroque Pearl Necklace 18 inch

HUGE AAA+ 10-11MM South Sea Black Baroque Pearl Necklace 18 inch

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47" multi color round Sea Shell Pearl Crystal long Necklace Fashion Beautiful Girls women gift

47" multi color round Sea Shell Pearl Crystal long Necklace Fashion Beautiful Girls women gift

Gems Info:multi color round sea shell pearl, multi color rondelle crystal, good quality, high luster!

Diameter: 12mm, 14mm(sea shell pearl), 12mm(crystal)

length: 47''(necklace)

Clasp: 18 K GP clasp

Packing:  Silk Pouch

HOT Huge 11-13mm SOUTH SEA black blue baroque pearl necklace Free Shipping

HOT Huge 11-13mm SOUTH SEA black blue baroque pearl necklace Free Shipping

Welcome to my store !

South sea High Quality baroque black Pearl Station Necklace Elegant Fine Jewelry real photos Valentine's Day gift

South sea High Quality baroque black Pearl Station Necklace  Elegant Fine Jewelry real photos Valentine's Day gift

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Please make sure you read the following before you buy, it will make our
transaction smoother and more successful.

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XiShi was, according to legends, one of the renowned Four Beauties ofancient China. She
was said to have lived in Zhuji, currently thelargest pearl farming site and market in
China. When we say “drunk”, itoften means that a person is intoxicated by something beautiful. To someextent, pearls
represent beauty.

That’s what we want to convey, a state of intoxication and enjoyment when
we wear pearls. Everyone should have a pearl necklace that
is their own and that suits them best.

I’m a new AliExpress member. I own a physical pearl store Shanghai, China.

The listings I sell in my store are all from my physical store. So I will
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Every necklace is hand knotted between each pearl use best silk thread.

Our Business Principles

They’re integrity, professionalism and quality service.

Therefore, nearly all my pictures on AliExpress are REAL life photos,they show their original shape/color/luster/size etc. That means a lot,you will receive
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Besides, All pearls in our store are REAL, not anything other.(except we state “shell” in title,
it’s rare)

Whetheryou want to buy a pearl necklace or bracelet, make pearl earrings orrings, or CUSTOMIZE
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experts available 12/7 to answerany questions you may have.

Notonly will you get the quickest and most professional answers, but moreimportantly, you will get the best pearls
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Reliable&Fast Shipping

When the total
price is more than USD 5,AliExpress Standard Shipping/ePacket will be arranged. It usually takes
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When the total
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When you need
faster shipment, Please contact me for DHL/FedEx.

It usually takes
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Ifyou are satisfied with your purchase, please leave us a positivefeedback and all
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Again, Please make sure to contact us firstbeforedoing anything
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Pearl true or false:

1. Fake pearls have the taste of plastic. Real pearls are not easy to burn

2. False pearls will have tooth marks when they are bited with teeth. Real pearls feel like biting sand. The feeling of sand is true and false, and hard.

3. If you scrape with a blade, the fake pearl will fall off the plastic skin. It's terrible. Real pearls will lose pearl powder, and after hand wipe, it will be smooth and bright as before. (pay attention to light scraping, not too hard)

Pearl color:

All baby pictures in our shop are taken in kind, but there may be some color difference in the pictures displayed due to camera, shooting environment light and display reasons (especially LCD). Pearl color pearl natural growth each color is different, can only be classified according to the color system. For example, the white department is usually not as pure as the plastic imitation bead, such as slightly red light, pink light, yellow white light, etc., and the color departments are not the same, such as slightly different shades.

Pearl defect:

Just as the so-called "flawless pearl", it is extremely rare. For flawless natural pearls (unless the high defective price of pearls is extravagant, extravagant and tasteful), even flawless pearls are only relative concepts, and the general outlook does not affect obviously. Those who pursue extreme, end and beauty, please leave our natural pearl store in a flash. There may be all kinds of small defects left by natural or artificial processing. Please also include its defect beauty

Pearl size:

The measurement of pearls in our shop is using professional measuring tools such as thickness gauge and vernier caliper. But the common meter pearl size ruler may have a big error in visual inspection. Do not judge the size of the Pearl by imagination. Machine Screening + manual measurement, the diameter may have an error of 3 mm, and the circumference may have an error of 1 cm, all of which belong to the normal range. Each batch of goods of the same specification is different, and it may be slightly different in size.

Bead size:

Industry size 7-8mm (actual size 6.5-7.5mm)

Industry size 8-9mm (actual size 7.5-8.5mm)

Industry size 9-10 mm (actual size 8.5-9.5 mm)

Industry size 10-11mm (actual size 9.5-10.5mm)

Pearl industry standard, with an error of about 0.5mm




                                          Pearl necklace is an indispensable jewelry for women

              When you put on a plain dress or coat, if you can wear some pearl jewelry, it looks extraordinary!

Pearl care

1, do not wear pearls to swim or bathing, do not wear pearls to swim or bathing. Avoid exposure to acids, alkaloids and chemicals such as perfumes, soap and styling water. All these need to be avoided, so as not to affect the luster and color of pearls.

2. Don't use clear water to clean pearl. Don't put it into clean water directly. The water stain in the hole or gap will be hard to wipe dry, which will make it ferment and affect the color of pearl. Wipe with soft cotton cloth or liquid that has no effect on Pearl.

3. Do not expose pearls to the sun under high temperature. Pearls should be stored in a cool place with moisture content. At the same time, keep pearls at a proper humidity. Do not expose pearls to the sun under high temperature.

4. Do not put the Pearl and desiccant together. There is moisture in the Pearl. Do not store the Pearl and desiccant together to avoid the yellow color of the Pearl due to the drying of the Pearl. At the same time, do not store the Pearl in the jewelry box for a long time, which will dehydrate the Pearl. Therefore, the Pearl needs to be worn frequently.

5. Cashmere cloth should be used to wipe the Pearl before putting it on, especially in hot days, so as to better maintain the luster of the Pearl. It's better to use sheepskin or fine flannelette to wipe, do not use face paper, some of which will wear the Pearl.

6. The hardness of Pearl scraping is very low when it is stored separately. When it is placed together with other gemstone jewelry, it will rub and wear its surface luster. Therefore, pearl jewelry is best stored separately. In addition, if you plan to wear pearls on your clothes, it's better to wear soft and smooth clothes, and the materials that are too rough may scratch precious pearls.

7. Keep away from the kitchen to avoid tiny pores on the surface of yellow pearls, so it should not be allowed to inhale the dirty substances in the air. Besides, pearls absorb substances such as sprays, perfume and so on. So don't wear beautiful pearls to perm. You should also be careful in the kitchen. Steam and soot may penetrate into the Pearl and make it yellow.

8. Regularly check if the Pearl with a new thread is worn for a long time, the thread will become loose, so it needs to be checked regularly. It can be checked once a year or two to see if the thread is loose and smoother. It is better to wear the Pearl again every three years, depending on the specific wearing times. The above introduces some maintenance methods of natural freshwater pearls in daily life. I hope you can understand.

11-12mm Black Baroque Pearl Necklace Gold Clasp Luxury South Sea Dazzle Loose Charm

11-12mm Black Baroque Pearl Necklace Gold Clasp Luxury South Sea Dazzle Loose Charm

11-12mm Black Baroque Pearl Necklace Gold Clasp Luxury South Sea Dazzle Loose Charm

Product Description: Natural Baroque Pearls, no repair, no damage,this is our guarantee, we do not guarantee the same as the pictures, because they are natural pearls, no exactly the same products, similar to the pictures,  Internal delivery, customized products will take longer, thank you, if there are other problems, please contact me, I will help you solve the problem, thank you! The size of the pearl may has a error of 1-3mm,hope you can understand.

Quantity: 1 pcs   

Pearl size: 11-12MM

Length:18 inch 

Packing: Opp

Style: Baroque

Manufacturing Process: Handmade

Whether To Accept Customization: Yes

Suitable Place: Wedding, Party, Birthday Gift,Diy Accessories

Korean Irregular Baroque Imitation Pearl Necklace for Women Geometric Metal Beads OT Buckle Clavicle Chain Jewelry Party Gifts

Korean Irregular Baroque Imitation Pearl Necklace for Women Geometric Metal Beads OT Buckle Clavicle Chain Jewelry Party Gifts



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Please Note: We do not cover any items for damage after use or as the result of water damage.

single 11-12mm south sea baroque white pearl necklace 38inch

single 11-12mm south sea baroque white pearl necklace 38inch


33" 10~11 mm Natural White Pearl NecklaceUSD 21.62/piece
2rows freshwater pearl white near round 8-9mm necklace red zircon nature beads wholesale 17-18inchUSD 34.95/piece
Triple strands 8-9mm natural south sea pearl necklace 18 " 19 " 20 "USD 41.39/piece
freshwater pearl white baroque 10-12mm neck 18inch wholesale bead discount gift hotUSD 16.49/piece
Jewelry AAA 10-11mm Black South Sea Pearl Necklace 18" and Stud Earring SetUSD 29.44/piece
Hot sale 7-8mm natural white freshwater pearl agate crystal necklaceUSD 10.00/piece


to my store! We are willing to do business with you ,in my heart,our
friendship is the first ,the business is the second forever.


Any other question see the following;

Q: Are these real genuine pearls?

A: Yes, all the pearls we're selling are 100% real genuine pearls.


Q: You say these are real pearls, why the prices are so low?

A: We're an original supplier, and we offer the finest pearls jewelry at very low prices.

Q Do you combine shipping?

A: Our shipping is free to worldwide, only a few dollars insurance fee


Q: Can l get my necklace or bracelet in a longer or shorter length?

Yes, just tell us your prefered length, we can customize your item as
your request. Price could be different since length changed.


Q: I want to change another clasp, is it OK?

Yes, we can offer some other available clasps for your item. Just tell
us your prefered clasp and pay some extra fees, we can customize your
item as your request.


Q; Do you wholesale?

Yes, we're an original supplier. We offer the finest pearls at
competitive prices, and our handcraft is the BEST. Please contact us for
wholesale detail.


Q:can you send combine invoice in different country?

A: I am sorry. I can't do this. The regulations do not admit of our doing that. but we can combine shipping your items .


Caring for Your Pearls

cultured pearls with thicker coatings are more fragile than most other
gemstones, so you must handle them carefully to keep them in the best

Your pearls will stay cleaner if you put them on after you've applied your makeup and perfume.

Be sure to take off your pearl rings before you apply hand and body creams.

your pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth as soon as you take them off.
The cloth can be dampened with water or it can be dry. If damp, allow
the pearls to air dry before putting them away.

Dirty pearls can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution (try Ivory flakes).

Never clean your pearls with solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents.

Don't put pearl jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.

use abrasive cleaners or rub pearls with abrasive cloth. Both can wear
away the nacre coating, leaving you with a plain looking bead

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Please leave me positive
feedback. This is very important to me. If you like the item , please
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We treasure about our valued customers, and will always try to help you.So if you have any problems,please e-mail us i


3;Our price does not include taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges.


1. We will ship the items within 1-2 working days after the payment is reached.
2. China Post Air mail.Usually it will be take 10-25 working days to arrive.

EMS Usually it will be take 8-18 working days to arrive .

All of then also depends on local delivery speed.

Any questions feel free to contact us!

We will ship to the default address in Escrow if you do not inform
us,and a phone number is important when you leave your address.
5. We are not responsible for any accidents ,delays or other issues that are the responsibility of the shipping service.

classic 9-10mm south sea natural baroque white pearl necklace 18inch

classic 9-10mm south sea natural baroque white pearl necklace 18inch

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